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We try to keep you connected as much as possible, so here are some guides and frequently asked questions to keep you up and running.




In most cases there is a quick fix. Most of the machines work on your network, so if you have a new internet provider for instance, it will probably just need the new network settings inputting into the machine. If you have a new PC, it will probably just need the print driver installing to enable you to print to the device you have from us. Both of these things are easy enough to do and should be no problem at all if you have a network administrator or IT support for your business.


To download the latest print driver for your device click on the relevant manufacturer logo below.



Once downloaded and unzipped please use the setup.exe file. This should automatically find your device on your network, if not please get in touch with us and we can offer additional support.




If you have lost the ability to use your device as a scanner there are a number of scenarios as to why this has happened, this depends on which function you use to scan and if there has been any environment changes.

Scan to Email.

If you utilise the scan to email facility and it has stopped working this is usually down to changes by a third party - Wether that's your IT support or perhaps it is a hosting provider that has changed settings. All of this is easy to rectify, if you have IT support get them to contact us and we will be able to guide them through where to input the changes on the device. If you do not have IT support, before calling us we will need you to obtain some information and we should be able to help you over the phone. the information you require is:

SMTP server name

email address for the device e.g.

username : (for SMTP server)

password : (for SMTP)

SMTP port number.
DNS server address.


Once you have the above information, get in touch and we will be able to guide you through where you need to input this information on your device.


Scan to SMB. (to a network folder on your PC/NAS/Server)


There are a number of scenarios as to why this has happened. If you have a new server and you used to scan to the old server, the address information needs to be updated in the device address book to scan to the new server. If you haven't changed anything hardware wise on your network then some things to check are:

Does the folder you scanned to before still exist?
If it does, is it still shared?
have any of the network credentials changed such as usernames and/or passwords.

If you have an IT company, they will be able to answer these questions easily for you. If any of the information above has changed the best thing to do is get your IT company to contact us and we can guide them through where to make the changes on the network device.


If any of the above information hasn't resolved your connection issue, fear not, simply fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch with additional support.



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